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Monday, October 18, 2010

What will the Dr say???

So, I had my tests last week and they weren't great - my cellular age is 64 yrs old - really scary!! I have been trying to be good and take my supplements regularly. I know I'm not quite exercising as I should, but I've been better. It does cut into my knitting time though... I'm starting to work on some holiday gifts but after I log off the computer I will do the re-bounder for a few minutes and then get back into the whole crunches and push ups thing. Hard to believe that a year ago, I was doing 500 or more crunches a day and 40 push ups in a row!! Wow, did I get out of shape fast!

I did do the gallbladder cleanse, and let's just say that even though it worked, I will probably never do one again. It was horrible and I was sore for days. I'll spare you the grisly details, but trust me, if you have a weak stomach and intestinal track, don't do it...

I have my list of pH numbers and temperature along with all the test results. The only thing I"m missing is the Stress Check results which aren't ready in the lab yet. It's been 13 day since they got it, but when I called she said it's 7-10 week days and since Monday was a holiday, that doesn't count. That makes today day 9... I really want it for Wednesday when I see her.

I used my Health Master and made veggie juice. It wasn't too bad - it tastes like a V-8, unfortunately, I just don't love them. I made broccoli Charan's way tonight - sauteed onions and garlic with some ginger in olive oil and the added the broccoli and pressure cooked it. I think I added a little too much water as the broccoli was softer than I would have liked, but I'll know for next time. Tonight I'm going to put out beans for soaking so I can have beans and rice tomorrow. See, it's the planning that I have to get together. Once I sit on the sofa, I'm done and don't remember to do a thing!!

Okay, off to put out beans and jump on the re-bounder! I'll let you know how Wednesday goes!

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