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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New Homeopathic Dr.

So, a friend of mine from work recommended Dr. Ria Gilday to me. So far, I really like her. You can check her out here http://www.drriand.com/ I had three test done yesterday. I am not happy with the results, but that is why I am going to her... I still feel exhausted all the time and even though I eat relatively well, my body is not functioning at it's best. Since I've been gluten free, I have come a long way, but I still need to learn how to handle stress better and I need to excercise. Yeah, I know I do, I just don't. I haven't been to karate for anything other than coaching in a good 6 months. Although knitting is super relaxing, it's not cardio by any means and that is what I really need... Okay, enough lecturing at myself and anyone who's listening!!

This was fun - she has this really cool Royal Chair in her office and of course, Jarett loved it. Here he is pretending to be King. Tell me this isn't cute!!!

Jarett the king!


  1. That chair is cool! As for the stress, have you tried yoga? It's worked wonders for me (when I remember to do it).

  2. Yes, I love the chair!! I have not done yoga - my mom actually is addicted to it. I just have to find a way to remember to do some kind of workout...