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Monday, May 3, 2010

Busy Weekend!

We saw Mark and Tracey and the boys - OMG - they got sooo big!!! They came in late Friday - they should've gotten here around 5 but they had a late start and then got stuck in traffic... so by 8:45, we were just sitting down to Chinese take-out. The coolest part, was that Brennen has become an awesome pianist which really inspiring for Jar! Then, we had no idea, Max has been playing guitar for three years. Matt has been playing Karen's accoustic guitar for a few months and just last Thursday, he bought himself an electric one! So now my walls are vibrating!! They had a great time jamming together (am I young enough to still say "jamming" or am I dating myself??) and Matt learned some new things. He starts his lessons next Thursday. We have promotion night this week so he had to wait. He switched his work night from Thursday to Wednesday so now guitar lessons are Thursdays....

Lori called Saturday night to confirm for Memorial Day weekend and invited my parents too! How sweet is that?! My parents are in WI visiting my brother. Michoel got his hair cut - he looks like a little man now! He looks so much like Yossi which is funny because as a baby I didn't think they looked alike... Anyway, when they come home, I'll have to see if they'll go to Lori's house. They may feel a little weird about it... I don't know... I think it'll be fun. Geoffrey will be in from college so the boys will have fun with him! I haven't seen him in years, probably since his Bar Mitzvah, since I can't believe he's in college!!

Then the weekend after that, we go to Mass for another karate tournament and to visit Mark and Tracey. She loved the fingerless mitts pattern I am writing so I think I'm going to make her a pair as a surprise!! Well, time to get back to work now...

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