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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The every other week blog??

I can't believe I'm finding it hard to post, but I am! When I'm at work, there really isn't time and then when I'm home, we are running around so much that when I do get to sit and veg, I forget that I have a blog...

Good news - the sweater is just about done! It's seamed up and I am doing the trim on the front. Then I just need to get buttons... It's really pretty...

We got our crayfish for school. Can you say "Ewwww, gross!"? I hate them. But I have no choice and I think I got lucky that they are small this year and fit in one container. That was nice of them!!

Bryan and I went to Walmart and bought beautiful Corelle dishes. They are in the dishwasher right now. Oh, and we got new silverware too!! Jarett thinks they are awesome. They are square - very mod looking!!

That's it for now - I'm tired.... good night...

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