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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thursday Night Knitting

Well, I survived my Dr's visit. She thinks it's Vertigo and that the passing out was a vagel response to the blood from cutting my finger... Never thought of myself as the passing out type!! Also, I need to exercise more... No surprise there. With the weather being nice, it'll definitely be easier!!

My Health Master came - so far, so good!! I love it! I haven't made soup yet, but I will and see how it is. I found a new TV show on the BBC - You Are What You Eat. It's this cute little Brit woman named Gillian McKeith. Maybe cute isn't the right word - she is a spitfire!! She doesn't hold back and let's you know what will happen to you if you don't eat properly or exercise and she does not sugar coat at all!! Talk about motivation! I was trying to follow the Raw Foods thing, but it's hard - you really have to think ahead to soak everything and prepare it... I'll still try to incorporate it, but maybe keeping fish in my diet would be a good thing. I'm so on the fence with this...

So, with Passover being on Tuesday I changed knit night to Thursday for this week. There are new people coming from Levittown. How exciting - I have 103 members on my forum!! Woo Hoo!!! I'm on the last sleeve of my sweater - almost done!! I'll have to post pics!

With the warmer weather, the turtles are peeking out - here they are eating:

Aren't they too cute!!! Yes, that is dog food they are gobbling up!! Crazy turtles...

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