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Friday, April 16, 2010

PSSA week from hell!!

This week was insane - PSSA all morning and everyone is stressed out! We get a break next week but then the week after is Science PSSA.... way too much testing! Everyone is getting burned out. I didn't get much knitting done this week, but I did get motivated and cleaned out my pantry and kitchen!! The source of my motivation - that would be my friend Lori from CT. She has the most beautiful and perfect house and she is such an inspiration!! We saw her and Mike briefly on Saturday on the way home from our RI trip. The trip was horrible and I"ve talked about it so much that I don't even want to blog about now... Silver lining? Lori. Beautiful lunch displayed on her beautiful dishes and layed out as though it was for a magazine. Everytime we see them she inspires me to do better and make myself better. I can't wait until our next visit! What I really should do is have them come here and let her go through my house and give me ideas to spruce it up!

She also inspired me to cut off my rageddy red hair and opt for a new bob. I want more highlights next time for more blond and am letting the bangs grow in more, but isn't it cute?


So, now I need to get through the weekend - lots of karate stuff and Matt's Freshman dance is tonight!! Woo Hoo!

Tournament tomorrow and a Demo on Sunday. After that, I'll get to breath a bit and get back to my knitting which is sadly getting overlooked right now... I can't wait until Knit Night on Tuesday to get more done on my sweater!!

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