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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mother's Day Weekend

We had a BBQ and I got...... ready?...... a laptop of my very own!!!! I'm so excited!! So now, hopefully I will post more and can work on my pattern writing and get more e-mail checked. Especially since now I can't get into my e-mail at all from work. It started out just being the laptops, and then in the afternoons, hotmail was blocked. Now, the regular computers are just blank when I try to sign in. I don't understand it at all. Our computer teacher said he can't do anything to fix it either. Very strange... Anyway, I posted a question on Rav about making the pattern link to my blog so hopefully someone who has the patience to guide me through it will answer. Howard had no idea either which surprised me, but that is life...


  1. Congrat on the laptop! I saw your post on Ravelry and I thought I would stop by. I enjoyed reading your blog....can't wait to check out your free patterns too. :) Happy Stitching!!!