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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Squee Sunday post # 21/FO Friday

Since I missed posting on Friday, I decided to make this a combination of both posts.  We did another craft show this weekend and I must say, we are much better at displaying our items!  We will be pro's for next years' shows!!  If we learned anything, it's that you can't predict what people want - the only constant seemed to be scarves.  Otherwise, all three were different - lots of headbands went at one, lots of mitts and shawls at others...  but, how you display it, definitely seems to be big on getting people to buy!  Here is our newest table.  The lighting wasn't as great as the previous one, but it wasn't too bad.

2011-12-03 08.49.12.jpg

Here is a pic that shows lots of the FO I had done over the last two weeks - mostly mitts, scarves and shawls: (some of Mary's things are mixed in there too)

2011-12-03 08.49.23.jpg

I just realized that you can't see the mitts in this pic - if you look at the one of the whole table, you can see my hand dummy and the mitts are next to it.   So, that is my combo post!  Oh, and one more pic of the mitts I made for David's wife:


Enjoy what's left of the weekend!  Visit Calophi for more Squees and Tami for more FO's.


  1. Lovely set up for the craft show, hope it went well! It's always fun (yet sometimes frustrating) to figure out what to make and how to display it at shows! Nice work on the mitts, I love the length.

  2. Lovely lovely mittens! What pattern did you use, or was it made up?

  3. The table looks awesome, and so do the gloves! I really need me a pair of those gloves...

  4. Those mittens are great, the look really warm and squishy!