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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

WIPW number 24

This will be a "quickie" post, but my sil asked me to make her a poncho.  I am using Plymouth Encore in a variegated shade of blue/green/purple.  I casted on 71 sts and am doing a yo, k2tog pattern.  It'll be a long rectangle and then I'll seam it together.  Here it is so far:

Poncho for kar

Here is a close up so you can see the colors and pattern:

Close up of poncho

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  1. Fabulous colors! I've eyed this yarn many times, love Encore and do remember this particular color. Awesome to see it being worked up and probably will find it coming home with me on my next shopping venture. lol I'm telling hubby it's your fault, by the way.........just saying.........

    What size needles are using to get such a nice airy pattern?

  2. Is it as soft and squishy as it looks! Lucky SIL!

  3. Amazing colours, and I really like how light and open it is, I think it will be a fantastic poncho.

  4. I've been looking for just the right yarn with those colors forever! Reminds me of a peacock!

  5. loving the colours you've chosen.

  6. what an interesting pattern! and of course the yarn! *drool*

  7. US 13 - bigger than the yarn calls for but it's working up very nicely!