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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snow Day!!!!

The world looks like Narnia!!! What a beautiful winter wonderland. As much as I hate snow, I do have admit how pretty it is. I can admire it from of the warmth of my house looking out the window with a cup of tea!

I didn't realize how high it was until we went to let Bandit outside. I had to tape two rulers together to see how high it was!

Wow - we got 16 inches!!!!! Craziness!!! Check it out:

Poor Bandit didn't want to be out in it... look how sad he looks!!! By the way, at this point, I didn't have the two rulers I had taped together all the way down in the snow so it doesn't look like it's a high as it is...

I will be spending this gift of a day knitting! One of my co-workers asked me knit a poncho for her niece. She's 1 month old and has two older brothers. How could I resist making a super girly gift?! I'll post pics of it later... I already know what yarn I'm using and I may do a crochet flower on it too... we'll see.... she wants it to be for her for next year so I'll make it a little big - maybe 9-12 month size. This will definitely be super cute!!!

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