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Friday, January 14, 2011

Snow Day spent knitting

I'm a little late getting this post up, but I had a wonderful snow Wednesday spent knitting!! Both boys wanted hats so this is what I did:

I used Chunky Ragg Yarn in Ragg grey by Phentex yarns on size US 10 DPN's. For Matt's hat, I casted on 64 sts and did a K2P2 rib for about an inch, then switched over to stockinette for about 6 inches and then began the decrease (K6, K2tog across, knit next row, etc). For Jarett's I casted on 60 and decreased at 5 inches with a K8, K2tog.

Matt's hat US10 dpn's co 64 sts


Matt in his guitar stance:

Guitar hat

Jarett being "cool":

Cool hat

And the two brothers together:

Matching hats!

How do you like Bandit trying to get in the action?! This was after they were fooling around and Jarett was blowing his "onion breath" on Matt - check out the love:

Matt not wanting Jarett's onion breath near him!

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