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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Saying good-bye to Spot

I was supposed to post earlier about this adorable bird that Tracey from the pool found and brought to me. Spot, as her kids had named him/her, had flown into a car and gotten hurt. The poor thing couldn't fly and Tracey thought I'd be able to nurse him back to health. This was last Thursday. Spot made it through the weekend and proved to be a friendly, sweet bird that would sit on my finger and loved to be pet. On Monday, he flew a short distance and I started thinking about what I would do with him if his wings weren't healed by the end of camp. I found out he was a Barn Swallow and fell in love with his adorable face and sweet nature. I debated if I should buy a cage for him and talked about whether my new principal would allow me to have him in school. Birds are so messy, I knew Bryan wouldn't want him at home...

Sadly, on Tuesday, Spot passed away. I don't know if there was internal injuries or what did it. I just know that I, as well as my staff, were deeply upset about the sudden loss. We buried Spot alongside the Nature Hut with a heart-shaped white rock that Drew found. This post goes out to Spot, may he fly high in heaven and play with other birds in the sky.

"Spot" the bird


  1. RIP Spot!!!!! You brought him peace & love in his last days. You are a kind soul!

  2. Thank you - it's so sad when animals pass. You can see how sweet he was and I just wish I knew what else had been wrong to him to have helped him survive...