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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Another bird??!!!

What is going on with me and birds?? Long story short, a baby bird was found outside the kitchen at camp. They determined that it had fallen out of it's nest. I told them to put it back in the nest but, alas, the nest was too high to reach. So, they bring it down to me at Nature. This poor little thing barely has feathers and is crying with it's mouth wide open. We (this part is gross) cut up a worm into little bits and I actually dropped the worm pieces into it's mouth. After it ate the whole thing, we set up the tub with newspaper and an empty nest we had on the touch table. I put a light over it for heat. It was asleep when I left today and I am praying that it survives... I'm not very optimistic, it fell a great distance, isn't getting whatever baby food it would need and is all alone... I will be really upset if it dies - then I'll tell them to stop bringing me hurt wild animals!!! It is really cute though...

Baby bird fell out of nest

I put a seashell next to it with water although honestly, it won't be able to get to it. It can't move around really. Here's to hoping it's alive in the morning!! Not that I want to cut up more worms, but if it works, I guess I'll do it...

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