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Friday, July 23, 2010

Kirby's a Bluejay!!

Here is me feeding Kirby. She seems to think my finger is her mommy's beak. Did I have any idea of what I would be getting myself into? None whatsoever!! I had to bring her home. Poor little Kirby is eating about every hour - and talk about an apetite!!! OMG!!! She's had FIVE worms already today and as you can see in the pics, she's pooping up a storm! Lisa from maintenace told me she had a friend who had a baby bird and fed it oatmeal. Sure enough, Kirby ate it! Tonight she is feasting on mushed up dog food. I figure, since the turtles eat it and it's mostly protein, why not? It beats cutting up worms and getting worm blood and guts under my nails, that's for sure! Check out her big mouth too!! And, true to her Bluejay roots, she screams up a storm! I hope that doesn't last all night.... She looks so funny though with her big legs that she can hardly stand on and her giant beak. After she eats, she falls asleep. It's kinda hard to see in the pics but she's barely got feathers. She has more fuzz than anything and when she spreads her wings, they are very see through. You can see the blue though and her back is still pink with a little fuzz on it. I'm guessing she's about two weeks old. So, this is how I'll be spending my weekend inbetween our visit to Aunt Kathy's house. She should be okay for a few hours. She'll be mad, but okay. I'll tell you though, it's too bad you can't hear her - she had a very piercing screech and it's going through my head. I think it may end up being a long weekend....

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