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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Trip to Washington, DC

2010-06-17 12.45.20.jpg

I took off work on Thursday to go with Jarett on his class trip to Washington. It was such a wonderful day. First, we went to Arlington and got to see Kennedy's grave and the eternal flame. Then we got to see the changing of the guard at the Tomb of Unknown Soldiers. It was amazing. I have the video on my phone but can't get it to send to my flicker account... I love technology, but it doesn't always love me....

After that, we went to the Lincoln Memorial and saw the Washington Monument and "The Wall." It's a very awesome experience standing there.... Here is a couple of pics of Jarett:

Jarett in front of Lincoln Memorial

Jarett & Lincoln

From there we went to see the Museums. I learned something new about my son - he loves museums!! I had no idea! We spent over two hours in the Museum of Natural History. He loved the gems and rocks. Here is the Hope Diamond:

The Hope Diamond

Hope Diamond

After that, we went through the sculpture park. Check out this house - it looks different from different angles - how cool is that?!

House sculpture 2

House sculpture 3

House 1

After that, we went to the Art Museum. Jarett loved walking around there too. I was shocked - who knew??? I can't wait to be able to take him to the museums here now! There were some cool pics and sculptures there too. This one was kind of both put together:

Ronald Davis artwork

Art museum

After spending a good hour there, we went to the gift shop. Can you imagine my surprise when I saw yarn necklaces??? After I saw the price, I was even more surprised! You can buy a ball of this novelty yarn at Michael's for $1.99. Here's what was done:

$28 yarn necklace

See the price tag:

Yarn necklaces!

That is just crazy! Actually, I think the one in the front of the photo is Plymouth Yarn - I have the same yarn. Who would have thought I could through a lobster clasp on and charge $28 for a few strands??? Clever marketing for whoever that person is!


  1. That sounds like a fun trip. I went to D.C. recently for the very first time and I really had a wonderful time walking the mall and seeing all the monuments. I think the Lincoln Memorial was my favorite. Very awesome.

  2. We had a ball and I had no idea my son liked things like that!!