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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Musical Confessions

I'm doing report cards right now (well, actually stopped to blog, lol!) and the good part is that I can sit and ponder things while waiting for screens to change and load.... So, here is what I've been pondering... A month ago, Brennan and Max came to visit. They play the same instruments as Jarett and Matt - piano and guitar (or "goo-eey" as Matt calls it). The house was rockin' and rollin'! Tracey talked about her growing up in a house where her dad played the "fiddle." Right around that time, I got a new "listening center" for school that has a radio. I have been playing classical music during class. I've missed listening to it and it is relaxing. The kids were annoyed at first, but now they seem to like it. A week or so later, I caught an episode of Celtic Thunder on our local PBS station. They are a trio of men who have the coolest accents and sing all different kinds of songs - not just Irish or Scottish. Of course, they sang to an orchestra in the backround and I honed in on the violins. Explanation? I started playing the violin in 2nd grade and quit when I got to college. I could go on and rant about the different reasons why I quit, but they don't pertain to this so I'll let it go for now. A few days or a week later, Celtic Thunder was on again and as I paged down on the TV guide, I saw Celtic Women. I changed the chanel and there was this beautiful blonde Irish girl dancing and playing the violin. Once again, the heart panged for what was. I hate to sound like I'm bragging - but I was good. Better than good. I was Concert Mistress in grade school and played first violin my whole life of playing... A few days later, I was sitting in the room where we eat lunch at school and one of the teachers brought up Celtic Thunder. I was surprised but joined in the conversation and mentioned the Celtic Women. They had heard of them too and I said about the violin and how I used to play and they all started telling me I should play again. Then, last week I took Matt to the place where he gets his guitar lessons and they had a violin for sale. Not that I was going to buy it, I have one, but it was just this weird "here I am giving you a sign" type thing. Matt asked the woman if they gave violin lessons and she said no, but that there was a woman in Langhorne who does... Another "sign" for me?? She wrote her name, number and e-mail on a card. Then, we went Thursday night to a private viewing of the movie "Karate Kid" where Matt's demo team performed and guess what the "love interest" does - yes, you guessed it, plays the violin. So, is someone trying to tell me something??? I haven't contacted the person the guitar place gave me yet. I'm trying to figure out why I'm having this longing for playing again. It's been going on for about a good month now - really since listening to the boys and wanting to join in... also listening to the classical station and hearing pieces I used to play. So, I'm not sure why I'm really posting this either.... I thought maybe if I wrote it, I could get it out of my system. I don't know... maybe I'm looking for advice or another "sign." All I know is that it is bugging me and my mind keeps wandering to it....

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