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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

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Tagged by @yayitanoelia @stitchymom @tattooed_stitcher and @frenchieeee_95 so I better get moving on this!!! 1. I grew up in Philadelphia 2. I had to take a bus and the subway to get to High School. Now I live in the suburbs and there's no bus or subway nearby. You have to drive everywhere. 3. I like action movies, no horror movies and I'm not big on "chick flicks" either. 4. I went to an all girl HS, all girl Catholic college for my Bachelors degree and an all girl Catholic college for my Masters degree. The funny part of that is that I'm Jewish. 5. I met my husband in BJ's Wholesale Club (similar to Sam's or Costco) 6. I used to be an avid knitter but can't knit much anymore due to arthritis and carpal tunnel. 7. To make up for not being able to knit, I learned how to cross stitch. 8. I played classical violin from 2nd grade to senior year of HS. I was in my school orchestras, district orchestras and All City Orchestra. I was either Concert Mistress or 2nd seat. 9. I quit the violin and got licensed to be a Nail Technician. I worked in a salon while in college. 10. Before becoming disabled, I started playing violin again but took Celtic Fiddle lessons. My teacher was Rose from the Celtic Band Burning Bridget Cleary. 11. I have my second degree Black belt in kenpo karate. 12. I love watching TV, especially old shows like Bewitched, Mary Tyler Moore, Taxi, etc. 13. My favorite colors are pink and purple but 90% of my clothes are black. 14. I love animals and will take of any 2 or 4 legged creature. 15. I'm terrified of spiders. 16. I believe in the supernatural. 17. Although not observant, we belong to an Orthodox Synagogue. 18. My husband is my best friend, but since becoming disabled, I have developed more respect for him than I would've thought was possible. He takes care of the house, food shopping, the kids and does everything for me. 19. Zoey, my service dog, is more than a dog to me. I talk to her, she snuggles with me and mothers me. She's always with me. 20. I've been to Israel, but I've never been to Europe.

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