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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

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Tagged by @girlwiththechickentattoo @thatbaileygal @dinkyspoon85 and @myspoonsandme Here I go!! Age: I'll admit I'm over 40 (yikes!) Country: USA Illnesses: RSD/CRPS, POTS, Fibromyalgia, Osteoarthritis, Celiac, IBS, GERD, Anxiety, Raynaud's and Mitral Valve Prolapse Things I dislike: people who lie or intentionally lead others to believe incorrect information, people who use others for their own benefit. Insecurities: My appearance, including my height, weight Things that make me happy: My husband, my boys, my parents, my dogs and my friends (and IG!) Favorite animal: dogs Pets: Bandit & Zoey both Boston Terriers, Timmy & Tucker both turtles and Peanut the leopard gecko Middle name: Heidi I wish I could....walk so that my family can go back to having a "normal" time with me. Talents: I played classical violin for about 12 years and then recently was taking Celtic Fiddle lessons. Unfortunately, due to my fibro, I am unable to hold up the violin. I was an avid knitter and pattern writer, but once again fibro took that from me. However, I'm not easily put down so I've discovered cross stitch and have become completely addicted!!

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