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Monday, January 21, 2013

So much to share!!

Hello everyone!  I have so many things to share and don't know where to start!  I've become obsessed with instagram and twitter and have been posting there...

I'll start with the most important - Matthew!  We have a diagnosis!  Multi-focal neuropothy with conduction block causing demyelination of his nerves (if I said that right).  Basically, it's an auto immune disorder that is NOT genetic but they do not know the cause of it.  The good news is, the IVIG infusions have been working and he is 90% back to normal leg usage!!!  All degenerative diseases  have been ruled out!!  He will continue to need the infusions and their hope is that over time, they can spread out how often he receives them to hopefully one day weaning him from them.  So, HURRAHS!!!

I am having good and bad days, need to now go to a GI dr but have been putting off making the appointment... I know, shame on me but I'm so overwhelmed I just can't think of it right now... I did finally do the sleep study - it wasn't too bad and have to call next week to schedule an appointment to go over the results.  All I know is that there were no signs of sleep apnea, but a lot of sleep disturbances.  Well, I could have told them that - I know I wake up all night...hopefully, they can tell me why.

My new obsession - the TV show "Amish Mafia!"  Yes, I know it's not all real, but I really am addicted and got my sister-in-law into it too.  I would love to live on one of those big farms, take care of the animals and craft all day long...  speaking of crafts, I am back to knitting - yay!  I'm making fingerless mitts and also decided that is time I learn to cross stitch/embroider so I can make a table cloth that my grandmother had bought and never did.  It took a long time for me to look at it without crying, but all this Amish stuff got me into wanting to do it.  So, my friend Jen, aka calophi had her mom show me a kit to learn on and I am doing it!! I have lots of pics to share - so here goes - some knitting, some cross stitch and some of my silly puppy Zoey who not only sleeps in the weirdest positions, but has learned how to turn on the electric blanket and get comfy...  enjoy!!!!

First mitt almost done! #knitting #crafts My mitt, which can be found on the free pattern page.

Three colors done!! I'm loving this!! #crossstitch #crafts  #needlearts Cross Stitch - my new obsession!!

Seriously, Zoey sleeps in the weirdest positions!! #sillyzoey #bostonterrier #loveit Zoey sleeps in the weirdest positions!

Here is my proof-Zoey turns on the electric blanket herself!!!  #sillyzoey  #bostonterrier Yes, she does turn on the electric blanket!!  Silly girl!!!

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