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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Stitching away!!

The hoop seemed to win-I put it in a metal one and it's on the window sill. Looks great-thanks for the suggestions!! #crossstitch #crafts #handmade

I finally am able to pull out a Passover tablecloth and Matzoh cover that my grandmother was going to make.  She passed away before she could... that was about five years ago.  I was able to take it out a while back without crying and decided that I should learn to do this and make it.  So, I bought my first cross stitch pattern and learned how!!  Not to shabby, huh?!  Now, I am going to make her projects!!

I've been so addicted to Instagram and Twitter that I haven't updated the blog... you can see all my pics on Instagram though, under witchyknits4ewe.  Enjoy!!

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