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Monday, January 7, 2013

Knitting again!! I hope...

So, a friend came to me with yarn that she bought to make a scarf and just could not knit with it.  I told her I'd make the scarf for her, but that it may take a while with all of my health issues but I would do my best.  I did finally complete it and gave it to her.  Of course, I was so excited it was done and to get it to her that I didn't take a picture of it... I did, however, take some pics of my secret (or not so secret anymore) yarn thief.  Yes, my dear sweet, innocent baby girl is not so innocent after all... so, without further ado, her is my love, my heart, my Zoey; stealing my yarn:

What yarn? I didn't take anything.... #knitting #yarnthief

Caught in the act!!! #yarnthief #sillyzoey

Silly, silly girl!!!  What else can I possibly say???

My newest obsession - the Amish Mafia TV show.  Yes, I know reality shows are really fake - but I am so fascinated with the Amish lifestyle (imagine all the spinning, knitting and sewing they do) and just can't help but be intrigued!!  I even got my husband and my sister-in-law hooked!!!

As for our health report, Matt is having another test done on Thursday and then we are back to the neurologist on Tuesday to get a report. Hopefully we will have a diagnosis and game plan.  He is responding well to the IVIG Infusions though, which is a good sign.

My Savella has been increased and I am feeling better although this cold weather does me in, but at least I'm not in constant pain - fibro under control!!!  Yay!!!  Until next time, I shall try to keep knitting!

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