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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

WIPW 2012 #5

Sadly, I've been having a lot of trouble with my hands/fingers this week.  I have an appointment with a Rheumatoid Dr. but not until March (darn long waits for first appointments!).  My fingers have been very swollen and sore and therefore I have not been able to knit this week...  however, I did want to share some pictures of the center pieces we've been making for Jarett's Bar Mitzvah.  If you remember, it's a Doctor Who theme.  I've ordered lots of action figures of the monsters and other regulars from the show.  My mom had a bunch of clear plastic display cases that they fit in perfectly.  I am going to elevate them a few inches just so they can be seen better and put some mylar "grass" at the bottom to hide the velcro attaching the figures.  A weighted balloon arrangement will sit on top to help hold everything in place and add a little pizazz.  Here is the Judoon Captain as my sample, let me know what you think!!!!  They case is clear and you can see the other wrapped pedestals behind him, but I think that's the best photo I could get.

Bar mitzvah centerpiece

Here is a distance shot with the balloons.  The tables will be named for the characters so people will need to look at the name on the box to know where they sit.


My other WIP, is an app I found on my phone called Clouds & Sheep.  You have to take care of sheep and make grass for them and rain and they fall in love and have babies... it's dumb and cute at the same time!  AND, you can take pictures of your screen when something exciting happens.  So, here are my two pics.  Very silly, I know, but funny!!



Too funny, right?!  Anyway, for more WIP's have a visit over at Tami's blog!


  1. Sorry to hear your hands haven't been feeling good :( Wishing you lots better!

  2. Sarah - Crafts from the CwtchFebruary 15, 2012 at 12:34 PM

    Oh no - so sorry to hear about your hands, I hope you manage to get some relief soon *hug*

    Your centrepieces are going to look amazing - has Jarett seen them all? Or are there any surprises?

  3. Thanks! He has seen them all so no surprises. He is very excited though!