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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

WIPW 2012 #4

Welcome Wednesday!  I feel like I'm still recovering from Matt's surprise party over the weekend!  If you have a sec, take a look at the photos - it was really cute!  As for knitting,  I'm still plugging along on the drop stitch shawl:

2012-01-17 17.06.55.jpg

But it's been kind of on the back burner since Matt wants me to make Haley (his girlfriend) a heart pillow for Valentine's Day.  So here are the pieces so far.  I'll also try to write her name on the flat pink side - I was thinking of using red yarn to embroider it...

Heart for Haley for Valentine's day

Haley's pillow

So that is my share for today.  For more FO's visit Tami's blog!  Happy Wednesday!

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  1. I think Matt should have to buy you flowers for making his girlfriend a present. :)