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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Squee Sunday post # 19

Oh my, do I have a few Squees today!!!  First, I just got the phone call that my in-law's Golden Retriever, Honey, delivered her first puppy this morning - it's a BOY!!!  She is a show quality dog but unfortunately something happened (I'm not sure on the details) with teeth that didn't come in or something so she couldn't place.  They decided to breed her anyway because she is such a gorgeous and well behaved dog.  On the ultra sound they saw five pups for sure and said there could be another or so hidden so we'll see how many she has - at least five though!! Woo Hoo!!!  I can't wait to take the boys to see them!

 I am editing this to add in there are now four pups and here is a pic my s-i-l texted to me!!!

4 pups so far!

I had my observation from our Assistant Principal and got all "A's" and one "B" on my "report card!"  She loved my lesson (Guided Reading groups) and said she was impressed with how well the kids are "trained" (haha, get the doggie joke in there???) in their groups.  I have many small groups that go on at the same time and worked really hard to get the routine down as well as transition time for when we need to switch groups.  It has paid off - my class moves like clockwork, but I can't take all the credit - they are really great kids!  My "B" (they always have to give you one are to improve on) was that I didn't have enough multicultural displays around my room.  I did have the kids make flags representing the countries they came from but I guess they want more.  I'm really not bothered by it though - if that's all she could come up with for me to improve on, I'm one happy camper!!!  She actually wrote that it was evident that I cared about the kids and exude warmth and respect in my classroom - which is true, but that's just me anyway...  I really do care about all of them.

On that note though, I do have to share one of those precious funny stories of what kids say.  Keep in mind I teach 4th grade so they are about 9 and 10 yrs old.  We were talking about Character Traits of Helen Keller (we had just read a book about her) and I asked them to describe her.  We have a "dead word wall" where I don't allow them to say words like "nice, fun, smart, stuff," you get the idea, they need to stretch their vocabulary...  anyway, student 1 says, "She was brilliant!" Student 2 replies with, "Yeah, but she was no Albert Frankenstein!"  I was laughing so hard - it was one of the funniest but most innocent comments!  That one goes right up there with the student that once wrote me a letter asking if she could do her "Hero" project on Michael Jackson because he's her hero since he was the "King of Poop!"  Gotta love it!!!!!!!

On the knitting side, I am just about done the mitts I am making for my friend's wife.  I am writing out the pattern and it will be posted as my next free pattern.  I'm hoping to get them done today and had planned to work on them all afternoon after I teach Hebrew School but now I have a feeling that will be delayed to see the pups...

I think that is all the Squees that I have today - if I left anything out I will share it next week!!  For more excitement and Squees, pop on over to Calophi's blog and see what's going on there!  Happy Sunday!


  1. The puppies are so tiny and cute!
    Kids do say the funniest things. You must have a hard time keeping a straight face:)

  2. Puppies! I hope they are all delivered safely!