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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Time Capsule Ceremony

Throughout this school year, Jarett's class has been writing letters to themselves, goals, and getting letters from their parents. They brought in "memory items" and pictures. All of this will be kept in a large boot box and sealed until they graduate from high school. It was definitely different writing a letter to my son 6 yrs in the future! It will be so fun to see how his goals have changed and I wonder if he will laugh when he sees what items he sealed in the box. There are pictures below, but he had his white belt from karate, a knitted alien we made for a science project in third grade, a crystal that Matt swears is his, a ball he made out of his silly bands that he doesn't wear anymore, a bowl he made in art class and the trophy he won in preschool for doing the scarecrow contest. He had an article from when Roy Halliday had a "no hitter" perfect game, pics of himself bowling at his first bowling b-day party, a pic of him, Matt and me from karate and this year's school picture with his hair long to donate to Locks of Love. I left work early to go to the sealing ceremony and brought Matt with me. It was neat to see what everyone was putting in their boxes. The girls had tons of Justin Bieber pics!! The kids also had posters of the jobs they hope to have in the future. Jarett wants to be a Veterinarian. Below are pics of Jar at the table with his things displayed.

Jarett's sealing ceremony time capsule

Matt & Jar- time capsule ceremony

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