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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Scarves - quick and easy!

I bought a new red coat and thought it would look lovely with a black scarf. As I went through my stash, I realized that I had a few silver and black yarns as well as the grey/white yarn I used for the boys' Bro Hats. After playing with the yarn, I decided to make it a "fade into" effect going from the gray to the sparkly to the ribbon to the solid black. The effect came out really nice. Here is a close up:

Close up black-gray scarf

The pattern was very easy - cast on a multiple of 4 (since it's a rib stitch). I decided to knit it long ways so I casted on about 200 sts. Then I did a K2P2 repeat across the whole thing. I added the fringe separately keeping with the fade in pattern of the yarn. Here is the final result:

Black-gray rib scarf

I also had a bunch of brown shades yarn and decided to do another long ways scarf. This one is in garter. I casted on around the same 200 sts or so, then knit one row leaving a long tail, cut the yarn and added a new color. I tied the tails together to keep them from unraveling. I mixed the yarns holding two together at some point and just randomly picked each ball. Here is the result:


Pay no attention to the phone camera in the pic!! These were both fun to make and very quick - if you have a lazy rainy or snowy day, you can complete these then. If not, definitely in a weekend!

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