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Monday, March 9, 2015

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#SickGirlStigma needs to end. Christina Tournant, a 17 year old girl, valedictorian of her high school and a freshman at MIT killed herself this past weekend because she was suffering from a debilitating chronic illness and felt she couldn't "keep fighting." Reading the news articles about her story honestly breaks my heart. Personally, I suffer from multiple chronic illnesses and know firsthand how they can completely change your life. Chronic illnesses can be so difficult to understand if you don't suffer from one yourself, especially as most conditions are seemingly invisible. You deal with friends, family and doctors alike questioning your sanity at times and can be made to feel like your illness isn't legitimate. Fellow chronic illness suffers hear the phrases "It's all in your head" and "But you don't look sick" all too often. Just because we don't LOOK sick, it doesn't mean we're NOT sick. Invisible illnesses are very real and can be incredibly debilitating. They can be difficult to deal with mentally as well, especially when people constantly brush you off and act as if what you're going through isn't real. Being ill can really take a toll on you. This wonderful girl deserved to get the medical attention she needed. She deserved to be listened to. We all deserve that. As terrible as it sounds, the truth is that compassion in the medical field can be hard to come by. But no one should EVER be made to feel like their illness isn't valid. Thank you to @babygottsandpots for starting this incredible campaign! If you have five minutes to spare, take that time to participate in this campaign and help raise awareness by using the hashtag. Awareness is really key 💜

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